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Central giant-cell granuloma from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia jump to: navigation, search     central giant-cell granuloma classification and external resources micrograph of a central giant cell granuloma showing the characteristic giant cells with surrounding cells that have nuclei that are dissimilar to those in the giant cells. H&e stain. Icd-9 526. 3 central giant-cell granuloma (cgcg) is a benign condition of the jaws. It is twice as likely to affect women and is more likely to occur in 20–40 year old people. viagra generic uk Central giant-cell granulomas are more common in the mandible and often cross the midline. Contents 1 overview 2 histology 3 treatment 4 references [edit] overview cgcg lesions are found more commonly in the anterior of the maxilla and the mandible in younger people (before age 20). They are characterized by large lesions that expand the cortical plate and can reabsorb roots and move teeth. They are composed of multi-nucleated giant cells. generic viagra usa to usa Cgcg has a slight predilection for females. cheap viagra uk next day delivery Radiographically it appears as multilocular radiolucencies of bone. There are two types of cgcg's, non-aggressive and aggressive. buy generic viagra usa The former has a slow rate of growth and thus less likely to absorb roots and perforate the cortical plate. canadian viagra discounts The aggressive form has rapid growth and thus is much more likely to absorb roots and perforate the cortical plate. It also has a high rate for recurrence and can be painful and cause paresthesia. Differential diagnosis to include: odontogenic keratocyst (okc), ameloblastoma, odontogenic myxoma, hemangioma, central odontogenic fibroma, hyperparathyroid tumor, and cherubism. viagra kaufen rezeptfrei [edit] histology the histology of cgcg is one that is composed of many multinucleated giant cells. There is evidence that these giant cells represent osteoclasts (bone-eating cells), others suggest more like macrophages. Is there a generic viagra in the usa The giant cells may be diffusely located throughout the lesion, or focally aggregate in the lesion. generic viagra The giant cells are large and round or small and irregular, they vary greatly in size and shape. viagra kaufen rezeptfrei Fdd may see some hemosiderin deposits as well. Para que se usa el medicamento viagra [edit] treatment the treatment for cgcg is thorough curettage. viagra for cheap A referral is made to an oral surgeon. buy cheap viagra pills online Recurrence ranges from 15%–20%. In aggressive tumors, three alternatives to surgery are undergoing investigation: corticosteroids; calcitonin (salmon calcitonin); interferon î±-2a. buy viagra online without script These therapeutic approaches provide positive possible alternatives for large lesions. The long term prognosis of giant-cell granulomas is good and metastases do not develop. [edit] references kahn, michael a. buy viagra super force erectile dysfunction pills Basic oral and maxillofacial pathology. viagra without a doctor prescription Volume 1. viagra 600 mg 2001. Neville, brad et al. youtube viagra russian group Oral and maxillofacial pathology, second edition. 2002. This article about a disease, disorder, or medical condition is a stub. You can help wikipedia by expanding it. side effects for women who take viagra V t e retrieved.  

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